Client Charter

Here at Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors Dublin

Here at Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors we are committed to providing our clients with an excellent level of service and have developed our Client Charter which guarantees best practice standards to ensure both quality and consistency in each and every one of our clients are treated.

We will:

  • Tell you who is dealing with your matter and who your contact is.
  • Communicate with you in plain English and keep legal jargon to a minimum.
  • We will provide clear, impartial, honest advice about your case and fully explain to you the options open to you, the legal procedures involved and the likely cost and duration.  We will provide you with the necessary advice to enable you to make an informed decision so as to complete or resolve the matter as effectively as possible. We will update you, when appropriate, as to whether the likely outcome of your matter justifies the likely costs and risks of continuing.
  • Progress your matter as quickly as reasonably possible and inform you of the up to date position and the timescale for future actions on your behalf.
  • Deal with your enquiries and communications as quickly as reasonably possible.  We will endeavour to return telephone calls the same day and reply to emails within 24 hours.
  • Will provide you with an estimate of fees and outlay at the start of your matter and agree the payment option most suited to your requirements.
  • Provide you with a service which at all times will be consistent with regard to performance, dependability and competence.
  • Save as required by law, keep your identity and affairs completely confidential and secret at at times and ensure that our staff do likewise unless you permit disclosure or relevant information is already in the public domain.
  • Ensure we do not have any conflict of interest with other clients . We routinely and regularly carry out conflict of interest checks, to ascertain if, in respect of each assignment, any conflict of interest may raise.
  • Endeavour to meet you outside our standard 9am to 5pm weekdays office hours should same be required.
  • We will hold your money, money received on your behalf or for payment to a third party in our client account, in accordance with the Solicitors Accounts Regulations.
  • We will carefully consider all feedback received about our service. If, at any time you believe that our services to you could be improved or if you have any concerns with any aspects of our service, I would ask you to raise the matter immediately with the person dealing with your matter.
  • Offer expertise in a wide range of legal areas providing clients with all of the benefits of a large law firm without the associated cost and with the personal touch of a local service.
Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors Dublin is a full services solicitors practice based in Dublin acting for both business and private clients in a comprehensive range of areas.

100% satisfaction.