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Need solicitors Lucan? We are a top tier law firm based in Dublin serving clients in Lucan with for over 20 years. We deal with all types of legal matters and have achieved successful outcomes for clients in Lucan and throughout Dublin and Ireland. 

 Our team of legal professionals provide specialist legal advice so you can rest easy knowing that your case will be the hands of experts.  

Looking for solicitors in Lucan? Why choose us?

Whether you're looking for a solicitor in Lucan, or anywhere else in Ireland, we'd be delighted to help. We are one of the top tier law firms in Ireland and have over 20 years experience representing clients in the Lucan area from all walks of life. We offer a range of services that can help you with any legal issue you may have - from commercial property to personal injury and criminal defence.

Our solicitors' expertise means that we can assist with even the most complex issues at an affordable price. We will always do our best to keep our fees as low as possible while offering an excellent service; however, if your case requires more time or resources than expected then there will be no hidden costs added onto your bill at any point during your case (unlike some other law firms).

Our solicitors are available for you in the most difficult time of your life. We'll always be there when you need us most! We will make sure that we get back to you within 24 hours so if there is anything urgent then please don't hesitate calling us today -01 234 0044

Our solicitors in Lucan will deal with all types of legal matters.

A solicitor is a legal professional who is qualified, in most cases, to work on your behalf. We can help you with all types of legal matters – criminal, civil, family and personal injury cases. The Solicitors Lucan team are highly trained and experienced in their fields.

The team has a specialist team for each area of law which allows us to provide you with the best possible advice and guidance when you need it most.

We take pride in our ability to deliver the highest level of service. We understand that sometimes life can be stressful but we’re here to help ease those worries by providing excellent advice from start to finish whether it’s buying or selling your home or starting a business etc….

No win no fee

In certain types of claims,( please ask beforehand) in the event that you do not win your case, we will operate on a no win no fee basis. This is the most important benefit of using our services. You can rest assured that we will only charge for those services that are necessary and will not be persuaded by any other factors such as success or failure in court.

On top of this, we are one of the leading law firms in Lucan with over 20 years experience. We have worked on countless cases which have provided us with extensive experience and knowledge on how to deal with each situation properly and effectively. Our solicitors Lucan have also been trained by some of the best lawyers from around Ireland so they know exactly what it takes to get results for their clients who are seeking assistance from their legal team at Solicitors Lucan!

Solicitors Lucan who provide direct contact from the first meeting to the last

  • Direct contact from the first meeting to the last.
  • You will be dealing with the same solicitor throughout, and you can reach us by phone or email at any time.
  • We can also provide you with legal advice for all of your family's needs such as conveyancing, probate and estate planning, wills, divorce and separation agreements as well as a range of other services including commercial law and litigation.

We are a top tier law firm in Lucan with over 20 years experience.

When you are in need of solicitors in Lucan, we can help. With over 20 years of experience dealing with all types of legal matters we are here to help. We offer specialist legal services so you can rest easy knowing that we will provide tailor made legal solutions to deliver results time and time again. 

Direct contact from the first meeting to the last ensures that our clients always feel informed and in control during what can be a stressful time for any individual or family facing legal issues. To find out more about our services or book an appointment, contact us today on 01 234 0044


If you need solicitors Lucan, then contact us today. We have a team of experienced lawyers who can handle all types of legal matters at a reasonable price.

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