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Looking for solicitors near me? Are you looking for solicitors in your local area? If so, CGsolicitors is the perfect choice for you. We are one of Ireland leading law firms and have been serving client for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on providing personalized service that is tailored to each client’s needs.

There are many things that you’ll need to factor in when hiring a law firm.

So if you’re looking for a solicitor near you, where should you start?

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Solicitors near me?

If you're looking for a solicitor, the best thing to do is start by asking friends or family if they have any recommendations. If that doesn't work out, try searching online using keywords like "solicitors near me" or "solicitor near me."

If a law firm is coming up on the first page of Google it is generally a good indication that the law firm is one of repute, otherwise Google wouldnt be ranking the website so highly. 

What other key factors should you look out for when searching for a “solicitor near me”? 

When choosing a solicitor, consider three factors: price, experience level and geographic location. Price is often the most important factor when choosing a solicitor because it's something that affects everyone no matter how much money they make or how important their case may be. 

The most experienced solicitors tend to charge higher fees than those who are less experienced at doing similar jobs; however, they also tend to offer better service overall because they've had more time working in their field of expertise!

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Solicitors near me? CGsolicitors could be the perfect solution

CGsolicitors is a well-established law firm that provides legal advice to clients in Dublin, Naas, Lucan and throughout the length and breath of Ireland. The law firm has been operating since 2002 and is a member of the Law Society.

We have won numerous awards for our excellence withinthe legal industry, including Global Law Experts Annual Awards - Fintech Law Firm of the Year 2022 and- Real Estate Law Firm of the Year 2022

CG Solicitors are located at: 

39 Waterloo Road,

Dublin 4

Tel: 01 234 0044 Fax: 01 234 0047

You can contact us here 

Professionalism and success

For a law firm to be successful and respected, it needs to maintain  the highest standards of legal excellence. This is the ethos that runs through the veins of CGsolicitors. 

At CGsolictors you can find a "solicitor near me" who will take the time to listen to you carefully and explain what your options are.
 There’s no need for you to feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the idea of speaking with an expert about your legal issue. 

You can speak freely with us because they are there to help you, not judge or make assumptions about your case based on outer appearances or background information.

Their values are your values

Values are the moral principles that guide our firm's actions. The values of a law firm should be ones that you believe in, and will not compromise on. They're also things that your clients should see as their own.

If you find yourself working with a firm who doesn't share your values, it can be frustrating and unfulfilling. Your business needs to align with your personal ideals in order for you to provide excellent service to others and feel good about yourself at the end of each day.

Why choose CGSolicitors?

When you need a solicitor, it is vital that you choose the right one. 

There are many solicitors to choose from, so how do you know which one?

CGsolicitors are a well-established firm with years of experience in their field. We pride themselves on having friendly staff who are always willing to help and give reliable advice. The firm has also been awarded for their excellent service, reliability and great results by  bodies such as GLOBAL Law society ; this means that if you hire us for your case we will be able to handle anything thrown at us!

Another reason why CGsolicitors stands out from other firms is because we offer competitive prices alongside our high quality legal expertise - this means not only do we save clients money but also time spent waiting around at court!

This firm is a top rated choice for local businesses and individuals.

If you need a solicitor near you, this is your best bet. Our legal firm is a top rated choice for local businesses and individuals throughout Dublin and Ireland. We are a well-established firm with a reputation for being trustworthy and reliable.We also have highly qualified solicitors on staff who are responsive to all our clients' needs.

Solicitors near me? The conclusion

CGsolicitors is a top choice for local businesses and individuals in need of legal services. Our experience, expertise, and commitment to our clients have earned us a stellar reputation. If you’re looking for legal advice whether the case be property, medical negligence, personal injury, fintech or any other legal sector we will be here to fight for you every step of the way. 

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Need a property solicitor?

If you’re buying or selling a property, changing mortgages, or investing, it's going to be absolutely vital that you have the services of an expert property solicitor in your corner. 

It doesn't matter if you’re located in Dublin, Limerick, Cork,  Galway, Donegal or elsewhere in Ireland, a key component involved in the transaction is hiring top class conveyancing services.  

A property solicitor can ensure that you have peace of mind knowing that your case is in the hands of professionals who will go the extra mile for you. 


In this blog post I’m going to touch on some of the key questions that need answered in respect of property solicitors in Ireland.


What is a property solicitor called?

A conveyancing solicitor is a fully qualified solicitor who will undertake the conveyancing process on your behalf. A property solicitor will come equipped with a vast skill set that will help ensure that a property transaction will run as smoothly as possible. 


What does a property solicitor do?

A property or a conveyancing solicitor will take care of all the aspects involved in purchasing or selling a property. The best property solicitors will keep you abreast of all aspects of the sale or purchase of a property and will endeavor to answer any questions you may have. 


How long do solicitors take when buying a house?

The time taken can vary. But for a general guideline, in a sale for a residential property, the process can take anywhere between six and thirteen weeks. The caveat to this estimate is that delays can occur in relation to title issues and also chains of sale with other parties selling and buying at the one time. 


How much are conveyancing fees in Ireland?

It depends. Many property solicitors charge a flat fee while others charge a percentage of the sale of the property. The fees some firms charge can come in around the ballpark of 1% or 2%. On average fixed fees come in at the region of €1,500 - to €3,000.


How much is stamp duty on a house in Ireland? 


When you’re purchasing a property, stamp duty rates will depend on how much a property is valued. In respect of residential properties, stamp duty is 1% on a property that is valued at €1m and 2% on the price of property above €2m. 


Property solicitors near me?


Cosgrove Gaynard solicitors is a specialist law firm who has acted for clients in conveyancing transactions and all other legal matters throughout Ireland. We have acted for clients in conveyancing in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Cork, and throughout the rest of Ireland.

Once you book a consultation with us, we will devise a custom-made strategy to ensure that all your conveyancing needs and all other legal needs are completed in as seamless a fashion as possible. Please contact us on (01) 234 0044 or email us at for more information. Solicitor Ireland.

Please check out our blog on conveyancing in Ireland and everything you need to know. Also, if you're in Naas and are looking for a Naas solicitor contact us today.

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