Conveyancing Solicitor? Guide To Hiring a Conveyancing Solicitor in Ireland

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Conveyancing Solicitor? Guide To Hiring a Conveyancing Solicitor in Ireland

Hiring a conveyancing solicitor can be a momentous decision.

There are so many things to consider: who is the best conveyancing solicitor? Who can I trust?

So why would you want to hire a conveyancing solicitor in the first place?

If you hire a conveyancing solicitor, you can have peace of mind if you’re buying or selling a property. The best conveyancing solicitors will endeavour to complete property sales in an effective and cost efficient manner.

Ultimately, a conveyancing solicitor can ensure that the entire sales process runs as smoothly as possible.

In this blog post, I’m going to summarise some of the key questions that many people have in regards to conveyancing in Ireland.

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What does a conveyancing solicitor do?

A conveyancing solicitor will handle all the legal aspects when you’re transferring or selling a property. Some of the key areas that a conveyancing solicitor will handle includes contracts, dispensing legal advice, carrying out due diligence searches in relation to the property, dealing with the land registry and transferring the property.

The fact is, selling or buying a property can be a very complex matter, and this is one of the many reasons you should hire a conveyancing solicitor. The right solicitor can ensure peace of mind in all of your property deals.

What’s the difference between a property solicitor and conveyancing solicitor?

There is no actual difference. It is the same just different terminology on how they are referred to.

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How much does a conveyancing solicitor cost?

The cost of a conveyancing solicitor can vary from practice to practice. For most practices, a professional fee is charged based on a percentage of the purchase price however we charged a fixed rate fee instead, but there usually is a whole host of other fees added in for things such as property registration, oaths, and other miscellaneous costs and charges.

Conveyancing fees

Quotations for conveyancing in Ireland varies vastly between firms. Historically, fees for conveyancing were calculated on a percentage basis being 1% of the purchase price of the property plus VAT and Outlay.

However the market is competitive and so the majority of firms have either reduced this percentage figure or indeed offer fixed price conveyancing instead.

Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors provide a fixed fee but it is not cut price. We balance the equation between being competitive and providing a full and proper service. We fully guarantee our service which is provided by a fully qualified solicitor at all times ie no delegation to junior staff members. In essence we ensure that we remain one of the most competitive in the market without cutting the level of service to clients.

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What fees are payable?

A solicitor will charge a professional fee plus VAT for the work to be carried out. VAT is currently 23%. On top of this fee, outlay is chargeable.

What are the outlays?

Outlays are the ancillary costs payable when buying a house. They include stamp duty, search fees (i.e. judgment, bankruptcy & registration searches against the property & vendors) and registration costs.

These costs should not vary much between solicitors in that the costs for stamp duty and registration are fixed by statute. With regard to searches, these can vary depending on the law searches used by particular firms of solicitors but should be in or around the same with each firm.

Conveyancing Quotation

Cosgrove Gaynard Solicitors are happy to provide you with a verbal or written quotation (email or post) with a full breakdown of outlay.

If you have a minute check out our other conveyancing law blog which details everything you need to know about hiring a conveyancing solicitor.

Conveyancing Solicitors Dublin, Ireland

In Ireland, an important charge is stamp duty.
Stamp duty is charged at 1% on the first million and 2% on the excess above that.
Obviously, this is just a quick snapshot of the charges that you may have to pay.

If you have questions in relation to potential conveyancing charges, contact a conveyancing solicitor and let them give you a more detailed breakdown of what you may have to pay.

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Does conveyancing have to be done by a solicitor?

In theory, you can do conveyancing without a solicitor, but in practice, this is not a wise move.


Would you be comfortable reading and deciphering all the complex legal paperwork? Would you know how to correctly file all the dense legal documents?

Additionally, the seller’s solicitor could take advantage of your inexperience. Also, you could get sued if some of the paperwork is not filled out properly.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether you want conveyancing completed by a professional in their field or if you want a messy amateur DIY job.  

Is it better to use a local solicitor for conveyancing?


You should always strive to hire the best conveyancing solicitor for the job. It doesn’t matter if this solicitor is a local solicitor near you or a conveyancing solicitor in Dublin, the best practice is to hire a conveyancing solicitor who is an expert within the industry.

Use an expert conveyancing claims legal team

The one added advantage in hiring a local solicitor for conveyancing is that it may be convenient. But the fact is, expertise always trumps convenience.

Another reason you shouldn’t be tricked into thinking local is better is because, in most conveyancing cases, correspondence is completed by post.

So you won't have to go to their office regularly seeking updates.

In summary, hire the best conveyancing solicitor for the job at hand!

How do I choose a conveyancing solicitor in Dublin?

If you’re looking to hire a conveyancing solicitor in Dublin, there are several key areas you should scrutinize.

Fees- You should always ask a conveyancing solicitor in Dublin what fees you can expect to pay. Be aware that just because a solicitor is offering a very cheap service, this does not mean that they are the best. You should strive to hire a conveyancing solicitor who has a stellar reputation within the industry.

Recommendations- One great way to discover whether a conveyancing solicitor in Dublin is the one for you or not is to look for recommendations. If a conveyancing solicitor has great reviews on Google, the chances are they can be trusted.

Past cases- You should always ask the solicitor whether they have handled similar cases to yours in the past. This will quickly allow you to discover the Dublin conveyancing solicitor is the correct fit for you.

Are there any other reasons a conveyancing solicitor can help?

A conveyancing solicitor will be ideally placed to help because they will have looked after perhaps hundreds of cases like yours. A top conveyancing solicitor will give you expert advice on all aspects of your case so that the sale will run as smoothly as possible.

A property law expert in Ireland can give you peace of mind

You can have peace of mind knowing that each transaction that is taken on your behalf is conducted to the highest standards. A conveyancing solicitor will ensure that every aspect of your case is taken care of, from the contract negotiations, to the terms of sale, and ultimately to any post completion requirements.

Questions to ask your Property solicitor

Purchasers are understandably price conscious and so often shop around for quotations when buying a home.

A vital piece of advice is that you should not determine what solicitor to use for your property purchase solely based on price. There are a lot of other factors that should be included when deciding what solicitor to use for your conveyance for instance their actual experience in property law, reputation and availability.

We have put together the below queries which may assist you when looking for a conveyancing quotation from a solicitor for your property purchase:


·  How much do you charge for conveyancing

·  What does the fee include and not include?

·  Will there be any extra fees for administration costs, such as postage? 

·  Could the fee change and if so, why? 

·  Will you let me know in advance if something will cost extra? 

·  Will a solicitor always be in charge of my file i.e. no delegation to a non qualified solicitor?

·  What is your availability to act in a new matter?

·  How long should the conveyancing process take? 

·  How will you update me and how often? 

·  How many conveyancing cases have you handled? 

·  Do you have references I can contact? 

·  Are you a member of the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland?

Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quotation if you are buying a property and we will be happy to send you a full breakdown of all costs including all outlay which you incur when buying a property in Ireland.

Conveyancing solicitor near me?

Cosgrove Gaynard solicitors is a specialist conveyancing law firm who has acted for clients in conveyancing transactions throughout Ireland. We have acted for clients in conveyancing in Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Cork, and throughout the rest of Ireland.

Once you book a consultation with us, we will devise a custom-made strategy to ensure that all your conveyancing needs are completed in as seamless a fashion as possible. Please contact us on (01) 234 0044 or email us at for more information. Solicitor Ireland.

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