What happens after you purchase your property: The Registration Process

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Once a property has been purchased and keys have been exchanged, the conveyancing process does not end here.


After closing, the stamp duty will then be paid on the property. Once the stamp duty is paid the registration process will begin.


There are two registration systems in Ireland:


1. The Registry of Deeds (called unregistered property)

2. The Land Registry (called registered property)


This distinction can be important before purchasing your property as different fees apply and also the timeframe can be significantly longer.


The Registry of Deeds is an older system however the aim is for everything to eventually be registered in the Land registry. It is now compulsory to register an unregistered property in the land registry post closing.  Therefore if the property is unregistered land then the Deed must be first registered in the Registry of Deeds, once returned a first registration application must be made to the Land Registry.


Once registration is complete, a certified copy folio & file plan will be furnished from the Property Registration Authority showing you as the registered owners. This is an important document and will become part of the title deeds of the property.


Your title deeds will now be scheduled and returned to your mortgage provider where they will be kept until the mortgage is discharged. If you do not have a mortgage over the property, the deeds will be returned to you or held by your solicitor if so instructed.

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